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Our easy and smart online Income Tax Return filing application where in you can register‚ login‚ prepare and file your returns online‚ by a simple exchange of necessary information. With a smile and sense of satisfaction, you would build your confidence in filing your returns‚ step by step‚ all by yourself in a smart and secure way‚ anytime‚ anywhere!

  • Advantages of e-filing:
    As per the publication Vision 2010 by CPC of Income Tax Department, the Refund Due for all returns filed electronically with the use of Digital Signatures would be processed on priority basis.
  • Faster Turn around Time:
    By eliminating mailing, handling, and keying in of returns, they are now processed more quickly and retrieved rapidly. The ITR-V acknowledgements are send to you directly from the Department of Income Tax on your e-mail id, from anywhere, anytime.
  • Improved Accuracy and Audit trails:
    By eliminating the hand written ITR Forms and then implementing a series of computer checks and validations, our online system allows more accurate processing of tax data. Specific problem fields are more easily identified. This eliminates the Typoerrors and handwriting readability issues.
  • Facilities available on 24X7 basis:
    Facilities available on 24X7 basis you can file your returns from anywhere, anytime. There are no office timings, no lunch breaks, and definitely no half days to be taken for the same, to stand in long queues to file your physical returns.
  • Multiple check points to ensure safety of documents in transit:
    Our Web Portal supports safety to your documents as the same is Secured by SSL Certificates from Verisign. There is not the slightest possibility of your details or documents getting misplaced en route to the IT department as long as you file your return via e-filing.
  • Convenient, hassle free and user-friendly process:
    Convenient, hassle free and user-friendly process, no need to go knocking on your friend/relative's door to get the best advice regarding IT returns. With an extremely user friendly and convenient method available online, you just do not need any assistance while filing your returns.
  • Generational preference:
    E-filing is an advantage to all, especially with the younger generation, being completely comfortable with computers and technology, prefer using personal computers for all their task. Filling your tax return with a pen and mailing it, is like - using phones with cords or driving a car without GPS - that marks one as some sort of technology dinosaur.
  • Expense:
    The expense, though not all that great, used to count against e-filing, So even if you don’t pay a professional tax preparer or a Chartered Accountant, or purchase commercial tax software, you can still e-file, and not even have to pay the equivalent of the stamp you’d use to mail in your return.
  • Capacity to keep a copy:
    When you e-file, you can easily keep an electronic copy of your return on your computer safe. And can view and print as in when required. Under Physical filing of ITR, Form ITR-V acknowledgement has to be preserved by you for number of year, which can be lost, misplaced, wear and tear or destroyed. Under e-filing you may visit again and request for copy of your ITR year on year.

It has been noticed that salaried tax payers are generally easy targets for the Income Tax Department under tax scrutiny as individuals are accustomed to file their returns just on the information as regards to Form 16.

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The Single User Plan helps users to file either ITR-1, ITR-2 or ITR-3 income tax returns one at a time. Select this plan if you wish to prepare and view your tax returns, followed by payment in order to file your returns with the Income Tax Department electronically with or without digital signatures.

Premier Offer
ITR Filling -  500/- + taxes
Swift Offer
ITR Filling ( 500 + taxes) + DSC
DSC 1 yr Discount rate 500/-
DSC 2 yr Discount rate 500/-

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Send Signed ITRV forms to
(without digital signature)

Income tax Department -CPC,
Post Bag No- 1, Electronic City Post Office,
Banglore -560100, Karnataka.

(if not Digitally signed within 120 days of efiling )
Last Date
Last Date for filing Income Tax Returns for the Assessment Year 2010-11 is August 4 2010.

Filing of income tax returns for the Financial year 2009-10 Filing your income tax returns made easy. Calculate your income tax from sources of salary, capital gains, Rental income, Business income, Other income and file your returns online freely and claim maximum refund.

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